What is Naturebarrels?

Naturebarrels is an eco-conscious surf brand focused on sharing the joy of surfing and bringing people closer to nature. Our approach is driven by visual art and creative storytelling based around Samson, the Legendary Surfing Sasquatch.

The Team

  • Marcelo

    Artist, Founder, Creative Director

  • Patrick

    Marketing & Community Building

  • Emilio

    Business Development

Our commitment to sustainability

As lovers of the ocean and the outdoors, we are committed to protecting our natural world by producing high quality products made with sustainable materials. Our apparel is made utilizing primarily recycled or organic textiles and our artwork is printed on eco-friendly paper sourced from sustainable forests.

We know there is always room for improvement, which is why we are continuously working towards reducing our environmental impact and making nature-friendly products.

  • Organic Cotton

    Our t-shirts are 100% organic, wich means no artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides were used in growing the cotton they are made of.

  • Bamboo paper

    We use Hahnemühle Bamboo for our art prints, an environmentally-friendly paper made out of 90% bamboo fibers.

  • Sustainable Packaging

    The packaging we use is made with 100% recycled content and contains up to 95% post-consumer waste*.

Underwater photo of two divers working on coral reef restoration grid with an illustrated orange sasquatch helping, symbolizing the brand's partner's conservation efforts.

Our contribution to Mother Nature

Since day one we've been commited to donating a portion of our profits to organizations that actively work towards protecting and preserving nature. We chose to partner with CONMAR not only because we share the same values and smiliar missions, but we also share the same roots: the country of Ecuador and a deep love for the ocean and surfing.

Conservación Marina Ecuador, CONMAR EC, is a nonprofit organization working to foster environmental and social responsibility in Ecuadorian coastal communities to help them coexist harmoniously with their surrounding natural resources. Their multi-disciplinary team is devoted not only to preserving marine ecosystems, but also to educating and empowering local communities who's lives depend on the sea.